Frequently Asked Questions in Conservatory and Roof Construction Planning

1. Is it possible to build a conservatory or roof construction according to my precise requirements?

Yes, thanks to the simplicity and complex character of the system we are able to produce any conservatory or roofing according to your ideas. We will always propose the optimal technical solution which will meet your requirements.

2. What is the difference between a thermally insulated conservatory from the Classic series and a conservatory without thermal insulation from the T series?

Classic Conservatory with Thermal Insulation

The thermal bridge of a thermally insulated conservatory from the Classic series is interrupted. Therefore, it is suitable for all year-round use and may be heated, thus serving as additional living space. The Classic conservatories are usually constructed from double glazing units.  The purchase price is higher than the price of a conservatory without thermal insulation from the T series.

T Series Conservatory without Thermal Insulation

This is a conservatory without an interrupted thermal bridge; therefore it is used mainly in spring and autumn. During the winter season, it serves more as a place where plants may be kept. The T series conservatories are often purchased as roofing for terraces and pergolas. They are usually fitted with single-glazing units. This type of conservatory is available at a considerably lower price than a conservatory from the Classic series.

3. How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period for conservatories and roof constructions including their surface finish is 5 years.

4. What is the delivery period?

The delivery period ranges from 4 to 8 weeks following the date of order and receipt of an advance payment. It does of course depend on the selected type of profile and colour, and on the production capacity.  For non-standard and atypical constructions, the delivery period may be considerably longer.

5. How long does the assembly and installation take?

The time of assembly and installation depends on the size and complexity of the conservatory or roof construction. The time of assembly and installation for standard types of conservatories usually takes 2–5 days. However, in the case of atypical and extra-size constructions, a considerably longer period for the assembly and installation must be taken into account.

6. Can a conservatory be used all year-round?

A conservatory of the Classic or Exclusive type combined with suitable glazing is specifically designed for all year-round use. It is always necessary to make provisions for sufficient ventilation and heating.

7. Why do I need a conservatory?

A conservatory is an ideal means of extending the living space in a house or flat. In addition to this, our customers agree that it immediately becomes their favourite place in the house and an oasis of peace and relaxation.

8. Why buy a carport or roofing for an entrance area or terrace, etc.?

All the types of our roof constructions will reliably protect your outside seating area or your car from rain and bad weather. Thanks to this you can enjoy enhanced comfort and relax close to Mother Nature.

Examples of Conservatories

Conservatory in a family house in South Moravia Conservatory in a family house in the Czech-Moravian Highlands region Our conservatory as a reception – Kuchařovice
Swimming pool roofing, Brno Examples of some conservatory types Examples of some roof construction types
Underthe Slunce v domě trademark, we construct exclusive conservatories or roofingfor terraces, balconies, swimming pools, pergolas, house entrances, verandas,including carports, made from high-quality German TS Aluminium profiles. We offer the design andimplementation of conservatories and roof constructions, with any accessoriesand fittings, made to measure for you and your house.
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