A Roof Construction is the Best Protection Against Weather Conditions

When fitted with a suitable roof construction, every terrace, pergola, veranda or balcony will transform into a relaxation zone. A roof construction which is both beautiful in shape and elegant in design protects your outdoor seating area from rain and bad weather. Enjoy more time in the company of Mother Nature!

As a specialized company, we will construct roofing or shelters made to measure for you  and adopt it perfectly to the style, colour and shape of your house. You may rely on us throughout the whole process from the planning of the roof construction to the implementation of the project protecting you against adverse weather conditions. We will be happy to provide you with qualified advice.

It is Always Pleasant under a Shelter

Carports, entrance roofing and roofed terrace or garden seating areas are perfect protection against bad weather.

  • Sun shielding – a small roof will prevent a sheltered space from overheating
  • Protection from wind and rain – a shelter will protect you against adverse weather conditions and changes of temparature
  • Noise shielding – anti-noise glazing muffles noise from the surrounding environment
  • Safety of the glazing – security glazing for side as well as roof window units

An Unlimited Variety of Colours and Shapes of Roofing

When selecting the colour and shape of your shelter, terrace swimming pool, entrance or pergola roofing, the choice is endless. Thanks to the universally dimensioned profile system, it is possible to design roofing or a shelter according to your wishes – basic types of roofing. In addition to this, aluminium profiles are easy to maintain and are totally resistant to climatic conditions.

Fittings for Roofing Constructions and Shelters

There are many construction details and versions available as regards roofing design and they may be realized in accordance with the size of the foundations and the customer’s wishes.  The standard material used for roof covering is laminated safety glass – VSG.

There are many possibilities of how to fit roofing with side or built-in components, which may be opened easily:

  1. Sliding and folding doors,
  2. Components offering protection from wind and rain,
  3. Sliding or top-mounted roof windows,
  4. Balcony doors.

Thanks to the accessories and fittings for roof constructions and shelters you will also create a space for your plants that will then survive the winter season without problems.

Underthe Slunce v domě trademark, we construct exclusive conservatories or roofingfor terraces, balconies, swimming pools, pergolas, house entrances, verandas,including carports, made from high-quality German TS Aluminium profiles. We offer the design andimplementation of conservatories and roof constructions, with any accessoriesand fittings, made to measure for you and your house.
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