An Exclusive Conservatory Will Fill Your House with Sunshine

Complex services for the construction of conservatories and shelters, ranging from professional advisory services, garden design as well as roofing, projects and structures, to the complete glazing of conservatories, including any fittings and accessories.

The moment you sit down to relax in your new oasis of comfort is the only time we are totally satisfied with the newly constructed conservatory. Let the Sun in the House shine for you!


A conservatory will transform your house into an oasis of light and tranquillity. No more narrow windows, just open sunny spaces instead, letting light spread through your entire house.

Roof Constructions

Get roofing for your terrace, balcony, swimming pool, house entrance, pergola or carport and the rain and snow will not trouble you again!


27.11.2010 | Our Conservatory at the IBF 2011 Fair

From April 24 – 28.4, 2012, the Slunce v domě (Sun in the House) Conservatory Centre will... [more]

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Examples of Conservatories

Conservatory in a family house in South Moravia Conservatory in a family house in the Czech-Moravian Highlands region Our conservatory as a reception – Kuchařovice
Swimming pool roofing, Brno Examples of some conservatory types Examples of some roof construction types
Underthe Slunce v domě trademark, we construct exclusive conservatories or roofingfor terraces, balconies, swimming pools, pergolas, house entrances, verandas,including carports, made from high-quality German TS Aluminium profiles. We offer the design andimplementation of conservatories and roof constructions, with any accessoriesand fittings, made to measure for you and your house.
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